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board1The annual GAPOA member meeting is July 19th @ 10am at the lake pavilion.
Picnic to follow. We provide the chicken, plates, and plasticware. Please bring a side or dessert..

oops3Did you forget to pay your Assessment?
For a limited time, we are waiving the Processing Fee we pay if
you use a Credit Card.
Prevent receiving a Late Notice…
Prevent having to write a check…
Prevent having to put it in the mail…
(you still have to pay the $35 Late Fee)


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GAPOA Residents:

The results of the ballot issues voted on in July, 2013 were reported incorrectly.  Per the By-Laws of GAPOA, a change to the By-Laws requires a majority vote where changes to the covenants require a 2/3 majority vote.  There were five issues on the ballot of which the first four (4) were proposed changes to the By-Laws and the last item was a proposed change to the covenants.  The results reported at the July, 2013 meeting stated that only those items that met the 2/3 majority passed when that should have only applied to the last item on the ballot.  The first four (4) items on the ballot did meet the majority vote requirements for changes to the By-Laws.  Therefore, all ballot issues voted on passed.

The ballot items were:

  1. Owners who rent property will be charged one landlord fee equal to a general assessment unless they also own non-rented property in Greene Acres on which they are paying assessments.  (69% voted yes, By-Law item passed).
  2. Effective January 1, 2013; in order to more fairly fund the maintenance expenses of the Association, as of January 1, 1989, the Board of Trustees shall levy a fee on the owner of each rental unit equal to TWICE the current annual lot assessment.  (61.8% voted yes, By-Law item passed).
  3. Effective, January 1, 2014, any new property being rented must be to the same tenant for not less than 30 consecutive days. (59.9% voted yes, By-Law item passed).
  4. Effective January 1, 2014, no more than 15% (or 30 dwellings, whichever is less) of the current dwelling units may be rented.  In the event that a new rental would create an excess of 15% (or 30 dwellings, whichever is less) of the current dwelling units, the Board has the authority to review requests for exception or variance.  (Current number of dwelling units is approximately 185.)   (52.6% voted yes, By-Law item passed).
  5. No owner shall rent a dwelling unless that owner has owned that dwelling at least (2) years (effective as of July 3, 1999).  (82.8% voted yes, Covenant item passed).

All of these items have been incorporated into the By-Laws, Covenants, and Rules and Regulations on the GAPOA web-site.

Sunday, 01/12/2014

I’ve driven the 7+ miles of GA roads today and Mother Nature’s snow melt and heavy rains has created many rough spots on our roads. Especially on High Ridge where it looks like the aftermath of a Monster Truck event….
I just got off the phone with Boo Collier and I will be meeting with him this week to have loads of gravel spread at spots around the main loop, High Ridge and Top Ridge. I’m hoping we can get a couple of days of sunshine and wind to dry things up a bit so we can start this on Wednesday…
Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please feel free to call me 434-985-7267 (cabin) 804-285-0284 (home Richmond) Brian Snyder, Roads and Facilities.

meeting150Board Meeting
Saturday  November 9th, 10:00am
at the Admin Building, 40 Celt Road
All Property Owners in good standing are welcome to attend


GAPOA Resident’s Children and Grandchildren
Back to School Night And Movie Night
Saturday, August 17, 2013
6:30 p.m.
GAPOA Pavilion
Pizza and beverages will be provided.
Parents are asked to bring a dessert and/or a snack for the movie.

Property manager and volunteers restrict access to the beach only to those property owners and guests with proper stickers/decals.
In an attempt to keep the beach area secure and available to the families of our community AND until the gate is fixed (which should be in a couple of weeks) the gate will be monitored during peak use times.
VOLUNTEERS are needed so this important task is not solely the responsibility of a few.

If you would like to help please contact:
Safety and Services, Marco Handy 434-985-3829


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The Pavilion may be reserved for special functions by property
owners at no cost by calling the Chairman of the Safety and
Services Committee. Reservations are by first come, first served
Those who reserve the pavilion are responsible for cleaning up the pavilion and surrounding grounds after use and hauling away the trash from their event.

wifiFree Wi-Fi internet hotspot for GAPOA residents !

Century Link high speed internet access has been installed at the Lake Pavilion for use by GAPOA residents.
Bring your laptop or smartphone and enjoy the Lake while you “work from home” ;-)